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Careers at our Main Office

Remaking logistics for the digital age

With the surge in demand driven by online retail, shipping has had to become much more sophisticated.

Dragonfly is leading the new wave in digital logistics. Though we have roots as a transport company going back 30 years, today we spend a lot of our time and energy on what’s ahead, harnessing technology to deliver whole new levels of operational efficiency.

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A wide range of expertise


At the heart of our operations, our logistics teams play a key role in making sure every package reaches its destination with precision and efficiency.

Customer Service

The friendly, helpful voice of the company. Whether helping out a customer or our team members, you are on the frontline of our success.

Human Capital

Our human capital team finds and develops talented people and contributes to the well-being of our people. Join our HR team to play an active role in our organizational performance and ongoing growth.


Strive to innovate and provide a technological infrastructure, exceeding the expectations of our consumers and clients.

Business Development

Keep our business growing with ongoing client development. Help potential clients identify the best delivery solution for their needs.


Select, maintain and grow partner relationships to meet the demands of our stations across Canada. You manage requests and partnerships and go over numbers to allow the company to keep rolling.


Have one foot in our present and one in our future by handling all finance matters for a rapidly evolving and developing company.


Transform ideas into reality by developing and optimizing our innovative technological systems. Be part of the team that connects everything together.

Working at our Montreal office

Your perks

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RRSP contributions

We value your financial well-being and are committed to supporting your long-term financial goals.

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We are happy to offer comprehensive health benefits as well as accessible, convenient resources.

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Continuing education

We are committed to supporting your professional development through a range of opportunities and resources.

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Mental health and wellbeing

We offer employees a range of counselling services and support, as well as access to an on-site gym to ensure your mental and physical well-being.

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Hybrid workplace

We understand the importance of work-life balance. That’s why we offer flexible work-from-home options so you can thrive in the space that works best for you.

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Positive culture

Our vibrant workplace offers you many creative spaces to get your work done as well as a team dedicated to fostering a positive work environment through office events, activities, insightful workshops and more!

Many growth opportunities


Today, if you’re in shipping, you’re in tech. Constantly innovating, automating and optimizing, we’re a company that never stands still. We are constantly finding new ways of using technology to optimize our operations and those of our clients and partners to meet huge and growing demand.

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There’s plenty of room here for people who thrive on doing things better and better every day. By joining our team, you are setting your career on a path of learning, development and growth. Come chart your course with us.

Jobs at Dragonfly Jobs at Dragonfly

An energetic work environment, inside and out

We’ve set up shop in the heart of Montreal’s happening Griffintown neighborhood.

Great restaurants and the Lachine Canal bike path are right around the corner and the downtown core is just a short walk away. You can even enjoy discounts for local businesses in the area!

Inside you’ll find a truly friendly and welcoming atmosphere where people support each other, a culture we value immensely. Teamwork and passionate people make our main office an energetic workplace where you’ll feel right at home.

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Join our team

We are looking for new talents across many departments, don’t be shy, apply today!

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Delivery centers

Working at our delivery centers

Join a team of logistics pros working in a fast-paced and safe environment. You’ll learn marketable logistics skills, use the latest warehouse and shipping tech and get a tremendous amount of satisfaction after a hard day’s work.

Whether you are just starting your career or have advanced expertise, we may have an opportunity for you in one of our 85+ centers across the US, Canada and Australia.

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