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What do I need to do to prepare for my Dragonfly return?

Our returns are easy and convenient! No need for a box or label, just hand the item to the driver. They'll have a bag and label ready to secure your return for you.

Make sure you are home to hand your item to the driver. Never leave your items unattended as our drivers can only complete your pick-up if it is hand-delivered to them.

For a successful return:

1- Identify in advance the item to be returned.

Make sure the item matches the Dragonflyreturn tracking number.

2- Keep this number nearby, as you may be asked for it to identify the item. You can access this number at all times in your emails.

3- Place the item to be returned within easy reach so that it is ready to hand over to the driver when they arrive.

4- Hand the item to the driver.

For security reasons, the driver can only pick up a return if it is hand-delivered to them.