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April 6, 2021

International expansion: Intelcom launches operations in Australia

Montreal, April 6, 2021 – Montreal-based parcel delivery company Intelcom today announces the official launch of its international operations with the opening of its first station in Australia. Intelcom’s subsidiary Dragonfly Shipping will make its first deliveries this week in Brisbane. With this breakthrough in the Oceania region, Intelcom becomes the first Canadian company to complete last-mile delivery of a parcel outside of the Americas.

Within a year, the company will expand its operations into the major metropolitan areas of Australia, as well as covering a significant portion of the country’s rural territories. More than 700 jobs will eventually be created within Dragonfly Shipping, in addition to those generated by the company’s partner independent delivery contractors.

“When it came to international expansion, we quickly saw that there were issues in Australia that we could address quickly. The e-commerce situation there is similar to what it was in Canada about five years ago, and we saw an opportunity,” said Jean-Sébastien Joly, Intelcom’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our approach to parcel delivery is based on cutting-edge software technologies and close collaboration with our delivery partners, which enables us to roll out a project like Dragonfly Shipping precisely and quickly.”

This international expansion reinforces Intelcom’s leadership position in the competitive home-delivery market. With its partnerships with major international e-commerce players, the company is leveraging its agile and versatile business model to facilitate and enhance the consumer experience.

The opening in Brisbane is the cornerstone of the project, and will pave the way for further integration into this new market. Several more station openings are planned by the end of 2021. In the short term, Dragonfly Shipping will become the first high-volume, seven-day-a-week delivery service in Australia, in addition to providing both retailers and consumers with the enhanced experience and predictability that has been Intelcom’s hallmark in Canada.

About Intelcom

Intelcom is a last-mile logistics company delivering packages in the most efficient, agile and predictable way, powered by a technology platform that provides quick, reliable and adapted solutions to retailers and consumers. Intelcom leads the way in last-mile logistics in Canada, with nearly 400,000 parcels delivered every day, sorted out of 60 stations across 9 provinces. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Intelcom employs close to 2,500 permanent people in Canada and contracts with more than 470 delivery partners daily. Founded in 1986, Intelcom is the parent company of Dragonfly Shipping Pty Ltd, which operates in Australia.

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