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January 11, 2023

What makes people happy at their jobs?

This is a question fueling recent research that seeks to understand why people flock to some positions and run away from others. While many of the answers that they’re starting to uncover are of a practical nature—things like salary, benefits, and the work tasks themselves—it turns out there are abstract attributes that matter to virtually all prospective employees. These attributes can easily be summed up into one word: “culture”.

At Intelcom, we take these insights into employee satisfaction seriously. We know that company culture can make or break a job—so we do our best to cultivate one that is positive, welcoming, and supportive.

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What does “company culture” mean?

It’s a bit of a buzzword, so we feel it warrants an explanation of our own. At Intelcom, company culture encompasses everything that goes on within our offices, warehouses, and among our remote team, from team interactions to client meetings and more. It’s more than simply a party during the holiday season—it’s the fundamental values that drive everything we do.

We wanted to make it easy to explain our values to new and existing employees, so we put together a “culture manifesto” that explains how and why we go about things. Here are its four pillars.

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As a team, we’re truly empowered to take risks and own the decisions we make. We’re encouraged to get out of our comfort zone, trying out new things. Sometimes we make mistakes and learn from them. That’s our way to grow and bring innovations within our respective area of expertise.

Mohamed El Ayoubi

Talent Development Director

1. Customer-focused

Whether we’re out in your neighbourhood delivering packages or working on new company initiatives, every action that Intelcom makes is made with the customer in mind. No matter what kind of problem-solving we’re involved in, we make a decision based on what’s best for the humans it affects—our customers!

By listening to and striving to understand our customers’ (or partners’) needs, we make our jobs more fulfilling and their lives easier. We’re well-known for delivering customer-centric solutions, like implementing same-day delivery across Canada and striving for 99%+ accuracy in on-time deliveries.

2. Teamwork

Many people work together behind-the-scenes to pull off Intelcom’s package deliveries. From our IT specialists who empower us in the digital revolution to our marketing experts who help get the word out, to the package handlers in our delivery stations that make the magic happen, there are many moving parts to Intelcom and even more moving hands working hard to make the synergy work.

That’s why teamwork is an important pillar of our company culture. Collaboration and the empowerment of others are central to all of the work that we do. We know we’re most successful when we work together as a diverse team, (respectfully) challenging one another and communicating openly and honestly.

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3. Diligence

With logistics at our core, we rely on a number of processes to make sure that we’re doing our job correctly. These processes require a level of diligence in order to stay up-to-date and well-maintained.

We value diligence not only for its power to preserve process but also because it helps us to create a high-end product (which is, in our case, our cross-country deliveries). Having a high degree of diligence doesn’t mean that we don’t ever make mistakes—it just means that we all take responsibility for our actions and honour our commitments to our customers and to one another. Diligence doesn’t mean rigidity—instead, it means remaining flexible and adaptable to change.

4. Innovation

We’re in the tech world, which means that we have to constantly be evolving. A big part of our evolution is the desire to try out new processes and technologies, even if (or more accurately, especially if), it involves taking a calculated risk. What we’re after isn’t perfection—it’s progression.

It’s important to note, though, that innovation is not a concept unique to the tech world. Every employee, whether they’re within a highly technical position or not, has the power to bring innovation and continuous improvement to their workflows. It’s about the open mindset of constantly pushing boundaries and looking for a better way.

Another way that we keep an attractive culture at Intelcom is by hiring fantastic individuals who offer a positive disposition and a desire to work collaboratively. Could our next new hire be you? Take a look at our current opportunities to see if there are any that match your career goals.